Friday, July 3, 2009

Anna Theresa Licaros Scandal - Hayden Kho Sex Video?

Anna Theresa Licaros Scandal - Hayden Kho Sex Video? Rumor has it that Theresa Licarios, the Pinay beauty queen, and Hayden Kho has a sex video. Is there one or is there none? A Shakespearean question no doubt, but the answer is obvious: Without hard evidence, we'll probably never know.

Hayden and Ann Theresa has both adamantly denied in the past they did have a relationship. Both insists, on separate occasions, that their meeting was only in their failed attempt at the celebrity duet, two years ago.

So, yes, we'll probably never know. But then again Hayden denied in the past that there is a Katrina Halili sex video, so you never know.


Anna Theresa Licaros (born August 10, 1984 in Mandaluyong City, Philippines), nicknamed Tere, is the Binibining Pilipinas-Universe 2007 titleholder.
In August 2007, she joined the on the GMA Network's reality show Celebrity Duets: Philippine Edition. She admitted being a fan of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and jazz music, and stated that she would like to perform a rock number on TV.
Licaros became one of the hosts in Q 11's Fit and Fab.

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